Monday, April 27, 2009

Grouping Nomenclature in Latex

See the other post about nomenclature for general usage

the \nomenclature command has some other options given by


the is replaced by a letter or number to define groups in the nomenclature. You can create group titles by following the 'subgroups' section. If you JUST want to group things together, just use numbers like

\nomenclature[1]{$A$}{The nozzle cross-sectional area}

\nomenclature[1]{$A^*$}{The throat area}

\nomenclature[2]{$\varepsilon$}{The area ratio, $\varepsilon=A^*/A$}

\nomenclature[1]{$M$}{The Mach number}

\nomenclature[2]{$\gamma$}{The ratio of specific heats}

to group the roman and greek letters seperately.

For the aiaa-tc class from i had to do this because they had subgroups defined in the class. There subgroups are

b = subscript
c = convention
g = Symbols
t = superscript

This is usually dependent on \usepackage[]{nomencl} or \usepackage[noprefix]{nomencl} and i haven't messed around too much with other classes, but the aiaa-tc class overwrote the option anyway so i had to use numbers instead of letters for everything.


Joey said...

Googled "AIAA nomenclature latex" and you popped up! I successfully made a nomenclature section for an AIAA paper some time ago but now have no idea how it's done. I understand "makeindex" is the command, but I don't know what flags/input files I used. Any tips?

Joey said...

Found your other post on the topic. I think that helps a great deal. Thanks for taking the time to post this info!