Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Verticle Scroll bar Missing in Word 2007

Sometimes the vertical scroll bar in Word 2007 disappears for no apparent reason. To turn it back on go to

the Windows button in the top left corner, Word Options, Advanced, Display

then check 'show vertical scroll bar'

I don't know why this is even an option.


mark said...

Profound Thanks for that simply advice!
This problem had me stuck for ages. I still don't know why the scroll bar disappeared but hey, welcome back!

Willie said...

You need somehow to change your "blank document" template. I don't know how to - yet. Short term solution:
Open page layout (top ribbon) click on page borders. Click to box. Click (back to) none. Your vertical scroll bar option will be available for you to set it where you want it.

Don't know why this works, but it does.

Second option is to open a blank header.