Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Transparent Backgrounds in OriginLabs Plots

I was trying to overlay a layer with constant contour lines over a color fill contour plot with different contour lines to make a comparison between the two.

Adding the contour lines to the existing plot doesnt work because...and to remain consistent with the complete disregard for user "kinda" links the magnitude of the constant lines with the color map for the color fill plot. By "kinda" I mean it's a mess and is a terrible software that offers a lot of options and I can't get away from it AHHHHHH.

Solution: use colored markers...err...add another layer, but of course that doesn't work straight forwardly either. Even if all the layer management options for fill and background are "none" it isn't so you won't see the first layer plot. Solutions...light your computer on up format>layer>Size/Speed>Graphic Image Caching and select something else. "None" worked for me but this link suggests that there are other options.

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