Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Modifying the Heading Style for Bibliographies in Latex


The best way


where "\subsection{}" says what type of heading to use (change it to \section or \chapter or whatever) and \refname gives it the name Reference but can be changed to whatever you want.

For UTK dissertations they require a section page to separate the actual bibliography where the TOC references the essentially blank page. So stupid. It's really easy in word but if you were using word, you wouldn't be reading this. My code looks like




Roman Taranov said...

The single correct answer on a question!
Great thank you!

Ryan Farber said...

Hi, thanks a lot for posting this solution! It is what I ended up using. Although you give the link to the page which discusses that you use the natbib package so that your solution works for any class, I think it would be helpful if you posted that (that you use the natbib package to define bibsection independent of document class) on this page since I almost closed out of your page before noticing the link. In any case, thanks again!