Friday, November 11, 2011

Removing field codes in Word Documents

Field codes are used to create automatically generated content like cross-referencing, captioning, list of figures etc. Word is complete crap for technical writing and cross-platform collaboration but these things are decent and should be used.

Why you would want to remove field codes? Beats the hell out of me. Just kidding. Submitting documents for publication might require fields removed. Cross-platform versions of word sometimes break the fields. Old versions of word do the same thing. Or if you're like me and you work with people who waste time by rewriting all the fields manually because they openly refuse to learn how to do it automatically. Seriously. I wouldn't care if it didn't waste my time but it always does.

Screw that nonsense. I found how to do both. I write up my reports the correct way - with fields - and strip the final version so that none exist and they can piss around doing whatever it is they do.

just like updating the whole document select all


then strip the fields with


Presto Manifesto!
Now that I can avoid intentionally doing things inefficiently, I feel much more motivated to finish this report. Thanks KG from the link!

Of course, there is a cross platform option that will always work...LaTex. Damn Word is crap for my work.

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Linda Everett said...

Great little post - thanks for this! Sometimes the simplest functions in Word are impossible to locate.