Monday, August 4, 2014

XL Toolbox "Cannot find object"

On my laptop with Office 2010, I get an error every time I install/update Daniel's XL toolbox.  It says something like "object cannot be found..."

From the forums,
it says to uncheck any references listed as "missing."  I have none.  What seems to work though is simply saving the macro.

In excel hit alt+F11 to open the macro editor.  Highlight Daniel's XL toolbox in the tree.  Click the save button.  That's it.

The first time I had this happen, I spend hour(s) trying to find the solution and ended up finding a forum that had me delete something out of the tree and worked but I can't find the forum.  It was supposed to rebuild something in the macro and save it.  Since I saved it, it might have been the only key.

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